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10 tips to work from a train

To minimize our carbon foot-print and have productive trips, our teams try to take the train rather than the plane. Cornis is a data and AI company which makes working from the train even more challenging. Even if 3G/4G mobile or train WiFi is way better than the connection you have in a plane, you don’t have a good enough connection to download large datasets or to have a stable connection to our training servers.

Here are 10 tips that make your train work more effective:

  1. You are going to have multiple hours with little to no interruptions, look forward to this moment and choose the few topics you want to tackle during your trip.
  2. Download your data sets, your emails and any data you will need.
  3. Have a better control on how your computer uses the internet bandwidth (with TripMode for example)
  4. Have your documentation accessible offline (with Dash for example)
  5. Use chat and e-mail to communicate with your teammates.
  6. Tell your colleagues you are in the train so they understand if your answer takes time because of a temporary internet black-out.
  7. Load up your laptop and phone batteries. Bring an multi port USB charger to power all your devices.
  8. Always have a back-up topic that requires no data/code/computer: Writing a blog article, reading a book.
  9. Take advantage of trips with your colleagues to have a discussion face to face.
  10. Take a comfy cushion, a good headset and prepare your playlist!

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