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How fast are my techs on site?

During spring 2018, William1 a site manager needed to do end of warranty blade inspections. Because of other urgencies on site he had only 2 weeks to complete his inspections. With the deadline approaching he wanted to send his fastest technician on site. John1 and Harry1 had both been trained recently to use Panoblade and had already inspected during more than 30 days. By using Cornis Marks, William was able to see that Harry takes around 85mins per turbine and John only 68min. John is 20% faster which allows him to do one more turbine per day.

William contacted us to make sure we would be ready to process his data as fast as possible and he explained his choice of sending John on the field. We had a closer look at the data and realised that over time the speed on site of John and Harry had changes allot. Here under is the evolution of mean inspection time per day during the first 30 days on site for both John and Harry

John is in blue. He started off quite slow (around 2 hours per turbine) for his first inspection days but quickly reached a 50min per turbine starting from his sixth day of inspection.

Harry is in red. He started off faster than John but had a much slower evolution, slowly going from more than 2 hours per turbine to under 45 min per turbine.

It is interesting to see that both technicians had learning curves and progressively became more efficient on site. However their learning profiles are different, with one learning very fast and the other slower but reaching higher speed.

After seeing this, William was thus able to eliminate the learning curve data from his analysis of time spent on site. He was able to conclude that Harry is able to inspect a turbine in 37 min when John takes 53. Harry did a fantastic job on site and was able to do up to 9 turbines per day. William also asked John to spend a day on the field with Harry. That helped John understand how to increase his speed on site and benefit from the good tips and tricks that Harry uses to be so fast.

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